For many reasons, companies have to get rid of equipment and assets before those equipment and assets have outlived their usefulness.  Whether it's computer system upgrades, a move, changes in process or even a complete product overhaul, many still very useful (sometimes even new) items find their way to us with a lot of good left in them.  

Wherever possible, C&M Recyclers works to salvage useable itemst for commercial application.   We're very happy to be able to save good equipment and provide it at a low and reasonable cost for sale to those businesses that can make good use of it.

At any time we may have in stock and available for sale:  computers, monitors, printers, copiers, office furniture, pallet jacks, pallet racking, industrial shelving, warehouse storage equipment, retail display shelving and racks and too many other items to list.  Contact us and see what we have.  

Due to high turnover, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular type of item or equipment.  Contact us any time to find out what we have.   

(503) 380-4180,

C&M Recycling can help your company or facility reduce, reuse, recycle -
easily and at NO CHARGE
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