About Our Company

, is  a family company that  started in a four thousand square foot garage and has 40 years' experience in the recycling industry.  Our motto is "Do the Right Thing."  Our mission is to treat everyone fairly and to get the best possible usage out of the items given in to our care.

Landfills around the world are filling up with wasted, sometimes toxic, discarded materials  which could, and should, be repurposed back into use.   This saves the environment, protects human health, helps keep costs down for us all and strengthens the industrial economy.

Our purpose is to be that link in the chain that keeps valuable resources from being lost and toxic materials from being improperly disposed of and endangering our environment.

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C&M Recyclers recycles computers and office electronics

Why Recycle?   Landfills are overloaded with electronics equipment, industrial waste and other material, some of which contains toxic metals and other substances,  that could be safely recycled and put productively back into use.   Don't just throw it away, let C&M Recylers handle it for you:  easily, economically and safely.

(503) 380-4180, contact@cmrecyclers.com

C&M Recycling can help your company or facility reduce, reuse, recycle -
easily and at NO CHARGE
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