C & M Recyclers provides residential electronic, junk and scrap metal disposal and recycling services. We specialize in computers and electronic equipment but we can handle almost any other recycling job - from office electronics and commercial warehouse equipment to junk autos.  We handle your recycling jobs at NO CHARGE to you and if your job is large enough, we'll even pick it up for you at no charge.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.  

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept televisions.  

C&M Recyclers recycles computers and office electronics

Why Recycle?   Landfills are overloaded with electronics equipment, industrial waste and other material, some of which contains toxic metals and other substances,  that could be safely recycled and put productively back into use.   Don't just throw it away, let C&M Recylers handle it for you:  easily, economically and safely.

(503) 380-4180,

C&M Recycling can help your company or facility reduce, reuse, recycle -
easily and at NO CHARGE
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